We have gained our reputation by being second to none in the field of Wildlife and Animal Damage Control


We specialise in discreet operations providing our expert services in;

* Urban Areas, * Water Catchment, * State and National Parks,

* Populous Places, * Municipal Parks and Gardens,

* Sensitive Environmental Sites, * Buildings,

* Private Dwellings, * Commercial Sites and Buildings.


Native species / Protected Wildlife we control Include:

* Kangaroos * Wallabies *Wombats *Possums

*Bats *Snakes *Dingoes/Wild Dogs *All Native Mammals & Birds


Introduced Vertebrate Pest Species

*Foxes *Rabbits *Rodents *Mustelids *Pest Birds *Pigs *Goats *Deer


Animal Control Techniques

- Wildpro operatives use only state of the art ,safe, humane and effective

  equipment and techniques in wildlife and animal damage management and control.


Non Lethal Control

*Exclusion *Capture & Relocate *Disturbance *Education *Conflict Resolution *Trapping *Detector and Conservation Dogs *Long Netting


Lethal Control

*Shooting *Trap & Euthanasia *Poisoning *Fumigation *Long netting


Snake Capture Services

- 24 hour EMERGENCY snake control service

- Specialising in capture and control of elapid (Venomous) species

-Snake proofing of buildings and open areas

Contact us admin@wildpro.com.au or mobile 0418 824 248 or freecall 1800 004 744