Conservation & Detector Dogs Wildpro is a leading Animal Damage and Wildlife Control Company in Australia. Through Conservation Dogs Australia and Detector Dogs International, Wildpro has been importing, breeding, training and using wildlife detector and conservation dogs for over two decades.  We are acutely aware of the value of detector and conservation dogs in;


Pest Animal & Invasive Species management

• Conservation of threatened native wildlife using non-invasive surveying techniques

• Assisting land managers, ecologists, biologists and conservationists in research and management by offering a professional, efficient and cost effective search option.

Ellie Indicating an active Fox den.

Effie and her handler Alex

Killiee marking a natal fox den.

Our Dogs & their roles

1. Predator Dogs – Used to detect and passively indicate the presence of introduced vertebrate predators, their carcasses, scats, scent marking locations and live animals. Species include Foxes, Cats, Mustelids and Wild Canines.


2. Wild Animal Control Dogs (WAC Dogs) – Used to detect and indicate the presence of introduced vertebrate pest animals such as, Rabbits, Goats, Pigs, Deer, Rodents, Amphibians, Reptiles and all vertebrate predatory species. These dogs are also used to flush target animals from cover and from den sites and to recover trapped and shot animals.


3. Conservation Dogs – These dogs are trained to passively indicate specific species of protected and endangered Wildlife

Feral Goat eradication in Suburban Melbourne.

Tilly and her handler Ken.

Chime & Ferret


Pest Animal & Invasive Species Management

Pest Animal detection in Australia has been traditionally carried out by pest controllers, land managers and government agencies using visual inspections, game cameras, sand pads, scat walks, Judas collaring etc. to identify pests, their locations and abundance.  The efficacy of many of the traditional techniques could at best, be described at limited. They are generally expensive, time consuming and ineffective.

Our detector and conservation dogs are trained to detect and indicate individual or multiple pest species very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, saving considerable time, resources and money. The use of detector and conservation dogs can be in conjunction with other search options to enhance and support pest animal management operations.

Our pest detector dog operations include, location and control in urban and rural areas such as cemeteries, sensitive environmental sites, buildings, farms, parks and gardens, water catchments and aircraft of vertebrate pests including:



We are in the process of training dogs to indicate the scents of invasive species of exotic Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Mammals including;


• Cane Toads • Red Eared Slider Turtles

• Mustelids • Peacocks • Canada Geese

• Barbary Doves

Black Jack indicating a fox in a grave.

Doc and Effie
With ferral cats and rabbits taken in a conservation area

Gala with Cast Sambar Antler.

Conservation Dogs

The role of Conservation Dogs, is to compliment and support wildlife research, ecological monitoring, data collection and survey. In particular, threatened species which may be difficult to locate using other means.  They are trained to locate and passively indicate cryptic and sensitive endangered native animals; their carcasses, nesting sites, latrine sites, den sites and scats which may be hidden in heavy cover and hostile terrain.

Humans carrying out such work without the assistance of trained dogs can unintentionally be biased toward specific or easy to find animals. Dogs are significantly faster and more thorough, they can locate scents and scats from all individuals of the target species in the area, not just the most territorial and high ranking.
This in turn gives researchers, ecologists and conservationists more accurate data on which to base their findings.

Our dogs are fitted with GPS trackers and camera systems enabling accurate and real time recording and storage of data. Where time, budget and accuracy are critical to a project, Wildpro Detector and Conservation Dogs should be seriously considered.

Wildpro Pty Ltd, Detector and Conservation Dogs offer our services throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

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